Our Bay on the Brink: About

The San Francisco Bay is the heart of our region – and we’re working to protect it.

It defines our sense of place and quality of life. The Bay is more than just a symbol—the health and sustainability of the Bay is intertwined with the health and sustainability of our communities.

We know the threat of climate change is real in the Bay Area, and the problem of sea level rise is all around us. Our region is heeding the signs and listening to the experts.

Flood map

We are making progress – but we can’t stop now.

The Bay Area has come together as a region to overcome the local threat of sea level rise caused by the global crisis of climate change.

Our innovative focus on Bay wetlands restoration, resilience, and access to our waterfront in response to previous environmental damage and the threat of climate change has put us on the brink of tackling and overcoming this challenge.

Wetlands map

Our Bay on the Brink is a campaign to engage business, political, and community leaders and encourage them to maintain strong efforts in addressing the threat of sea level rise and climate change. We are focused on raising public awareness around this critical issue.