Outdated infrastructure and neglected Bay wetlands
  • Storm surges
  • rising water
  • toxic pollutants


The levees, sea walls, and channels that protect economic infrastructure and communities around the Bay are old and crumbling. Rising waters and increasingly extreme weather brought about by climate change have dramatically increased the chances of serious flooding. Experts warn that if we don’t act soon, the levees could break during a major storm or an earthquake-related surge.

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Many critical elements of the Bay Area’s infrastructure, including airports, hospitals, water treatment plants, and the headquarters of major employers are built at or below sea level. That means a severe storm or major flood could knock out huge parts of our regional economy, causing long-term damage to the Bay Area’s economic health.

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Pollution &

Every year, millions of pounds of toxic pollutants flow off roads, farms, and yards, and stream untreated into the San Francisco Bay, where they can remain for decades. Surrounded by hills and fed by creeks and rivers, our Bay collects ammonia, petroleum, nitrates, mercury, PCBs, and other toxins.

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There are simple, low-cost solutions that scientists and engineers confirm will protect our communities from flooding and our water from pollution. We can:

  • Build and restore levees and other long outdated infrastructure
  • Take steps to restore wetlands, which naturally protect us from floods and filter pollution.

Federal, and state and local efforts to create and restore this infrastructure are being considered but need to be accelerated by local action.

If we want our children and grandchildren to inherit a thriving Bay Area, we must act now to protect it.

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"Baylands near Palo Alto" by jitze, used under CC

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